2 Bloggers + 2 Great Freebies + 1 Awesome Giveaway=Happy Readers

Did that title grab your attention??  Well, these gals have great things in store for you (freebies!) and lots of expertise in literacy and third grade gifted and talented. Combined, they have about 30 years of experience to offer.
Meet Cathy

Reading Specialist from Chesapeake
Photo taken at Norfolk International Airport

If you'd like a FREE Back to School Chart Set, 

Meet Kelly

Third Grade Gifted and Talented Teacher from Northern Virginia
Photo Taken at the Washington Monument

Alright... not exactly a photo taken in VA! But I live right on the edge of Arlington in the Rosslyn area. Any other Northern VA teachers out there?! Give a shout out in the comments section, I'd love to hear from you!

I grew up in Virginia, went to college and grad school in Virginia (go Tribe!), and now teach in Virginia! I teach in a classroom with gifted third-graders. This will be my fourth year of teaching (all four years in VA!), and I adore my job. Third-graders are goofy and sweet, yet also quite independent. Maybe in the future I'll switch grades, but right now I am so happy with this age group! 

Click on the pic below to grab my freebie math center game, Fraction Puzzlers! I LOVE having this game available all year long for my kiddos to practice identifying and visualizing fractions. So perfect to laminate, cut, and stick in your math center bin :-)

Today is the last day to enter for the $25.00 Gift Certificate to Teacher Pay Teachers. We will announce the winner in tomorrow's post, so be sure to enter and come back tomorrow for a chance at a $25.00 Gift Certificate to Target.

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Thanks for visiting today, and be sure to check in tomorrow for a few more freebies and to meet more of our team.
Cathy and Kelly


  1. Hi Kelly, I am also from No. Va - live and teach in Loudoun County!

    1. WOOHOO FOR NO. VA!!!! I almost taught in Loudoun County!!! Such a small world :-)

      Welcome to the blog!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Beth. Can't wait to get it started. Love being a part of this group!

    2. YAY! Excited to have you as a reader :-)


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