One Fabulous Finale

It is hard to believe it, but we are on our last day of our Kickoff, and man, have we given away a lot of loot! We've given away seven gift certificates and thirty eight items from our stores on Teachers Pay Teachers, but the best part, now you know where we are!  We plan to make *this* blog your go-to place for content we study in Virginia, and we want to hear from you on what you need to help improve your students' classroom experience and to help make your job easier.  

On this, our last kick off day, we introduce you to Lori from Your Teacher Assistant and Adrienne from Having Class in Third. Read on to learn more about them.
Meet Lori

This picture was taken at the "LOVEwork" in Hopewell-Prince George County, VA

Click here to get my Seasons Anchor Charts

Writing is a wonderful way to help children develop their communication skills. Even some of your most reluctant communicators can find their voice through writing. Anchor charts are a very useful tool for helping your students develop their narrative writing skills of sharing events and telling stories, as these skills allow writers to use their previous experiences to generate ideas. Virginia children are blessed to be able to experience each of the seasons, so teachers can have students use the Seasons Anchor Charts to write on the four seasons as they arrive or end their day throughout the school year.  Each anchor chart is packed with colorful pictures, things people do in each season, and even vocabulary as an extra support for struggling writers or learners. They are perfect for special education and ESL/ELL students as well. 

Meet Adrienne

This picture was taken in Richmond, Virginia.

Included in this 100+ page classroom essentials bundle is everything you need to prepare your classroom for the school year, such as:
Daily Schedule Signs
Specials/Encore Signs
"Where are we?" Signs
Cursive Alphabet
Print Alphabet
Name Plates
Table Group Signs
Blank Table Group Signs

We will announce our four winners on our first day of regular posts.  Thank you so much for joining in our kickoff celebration.  The freebies we've all shared will continue to be available to you whether you visited today for the first time, stop in a year from now, or have been with us all along.
Lori and Adrienne


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