Readers, Readers, What do you hear?

Pause for a moment and notice the sounds around you.  In Virginia, you might hear waves crash, the honking of horns in DC or Richmond, birds chirping and sticks cracking as you hike in the mountains, or children squealing at your local school. We love the peacefulness of Virginia. Listening for sounds is a great skill whether you're in nature, in the classroom, or working with sounds to make words.  Sarah and Jamie have a few freebies devoted to putting sounds together to make words.  Read on to learn more about them and their freebies.

Meet Sarah

First Grade teacher from Lynchburg, Virginia
photo taken at Percival's Island in Lynchburg

Click Here for Sarah's Freebie
wh Sight Word *freebie*

Meet Jamie

Leesburg Virginia

Jamie owns a private preschool in Loudoun County 
where she teaches 3-5 year olds.

Click here to download Jamie's freebie.
Letter Sounds - FREE!

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Until tomorrow, we'll leave with this closing message.

We appreciate you and hope you feel appreciated all year long!

Sarah and Jamie


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