Virginia is for ...teaching and learning!

What is Virginia for? Interesting question, isn't it? Virginians love many things, don't we? We love our mountains and history. We love our beaches and lakes, but most of all, we love teaching and learning. Virginia is for Teachers (all teachers actually...even if you live in a Common Core state).

In fact, our mutual love of teaching and learning helped us decide to make this blog happen. We will be making this blog a special place for Virginia teachers with a focus on our standards and needs. 

Today, we begin our kick-off, and for the next two weeks, each blog author will introduce themselves, a little about their niche in the teaching world, and share a freebie you can take right into your classroom.  

So, let's get the introductions started...
Meet Carla from Comprehension Connection
Reading Specialist from Lynchburg, Virginia
Photo taken at Percival's Island, Lynchburg, Virginia

Click Here for Carla's Freebie
Partner Script:  Family Road Trip

Meet Allison from K Apple R
Instructional Technology Specialist from Lynchburg, Virginia
Photo taken at Percival's Island, Lynchburg

Click here for Allison's Freebie
Probability QR Code Task Cards

Meet Nikki from Teaching in Progress
Fourth grade teacher from Richmond, Virginia
Photo taken at Richmond International Raceway

(No, I am not a race fan at all, but the sign is really fun!)

Rafflecopter for one 
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Gift Certificate
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Group Links:
Middle School
High School
Gifted and Talented

Good luck in today's giveaway, and be sure to come back tomorrow to meet a few more of our team, snag a few freebies, and get another tip or two.

Carla, Allison, and Nikki


  1. Thanks for these freebies, ladies! Glad to learn more about you three :-)

  2. Do you have a link to where we can find the grade level groups? I'd really love if you had connections to a VA (or otherwise) gifted teachers group. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. There is a wonderful blog roll at Caffiene and Lesson Plans There is not a gifted category, but I bet there are some within the grade levels. :)

    2. Karen-I added the links above for you and for others. Let me know if you have any trouble joining.

    3. I am very excited about your blog! Can't wait to hear from other Virginia teachers!

  3. Ah, thanks Jennifer! We're glad you found us, and we hope that we share information to help you. :-)


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