Plaque Attack... an Experiment for Dental Health Month!

How does YOUR class celebrate Dental Health Month?  We have a Plaque Attack!!  This has to be one of the most gross science experiments ever... but that's exactly why you have to try it in your classroom!

Can you tell which cups above have the sugar added?  YES!  The ones growing the disgusting plague!  The trick to this experiment is certainly to make sure you use warm, not hot, water.  This will activate the yeast properly. 

As you discuss the experiment with the class, talk about how sugar in our mouths creates plaque too.  Pair this lesson with a new toothbrush for each student!  They will be sure to eliminate any Plaque Attacks in their own mouths by brushing 2 times a day and flossing too. 

Want to have a Plaque Attack in YOUR room?  Click on the image below to download this freebie!

Can't wait to hear about your class' reaction!