Favorite Book Series Options for Upper Elementary

Happy fall, y'all! I'm Melissa from Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late, and I hope everyone is finally starting to get back into the swing of things from the beginning of the year. It's always a little challenging to get to know your new students and fall into a rhythm.

One of the biggest challenges I face every year is finding books that my reluctant readers can enjoy and will stick with. I've found that series are the most helpful because then they don't have to worry about what to read next. At least for a little while!

Time Warp Trio is a collection of historical fiction books (think Magic Tree House), but they are much funnier. Jon Scieszka is the author, and he gears all of his books toward boys, however I've had quite a few girls who enjoyed these as well.

If you have some girly girls, Candy Apple is the Sweet Valley of today. Well, at least I think so. The books are all about friendship and have titles such as Miss Popularity. Cute books, though.

I've tried to introduce a few series from when I was growing up, but this is one of the few that seems to catch my kids' attention. We read book one last year, and they were begging me for more! Bonus: there's a movie about the first book.

Origami Yoda is similar to Diary of a Wimpy Kid in some ways, but it's a little sillier. It follows a group of kids in Middle School. Oh, and the author is from Virginia!

And of course I had to include a graphic novel. Adventures of Arnie the Doughnut actually starts with a picture book (Arnie the Doughnut), but there are now three novels. The first one is on the Elementary VA Reader's Choice list, and it's a very easy read.

Hope this list helps! And remember, if you find a book they like, search for books that are similar as a start. You can always look it up on Amazon and then look for the list of books that are connected. You may find something new!

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