F is for... Fiction (and nonFiction)

This year I choose to teach our Language Arts standards through genres.
I started off with a three week unit on Fiction (realistic, historical, scientific). Then I spent a couple of days comparing and contrasting the fiction vs. nonfiction. I just finished a three week unit on the Informational (nonfiction) genre.
During the week of comparing and contrasting my students completed a Fiction vs. Nonfiction Sort in their Reading Interactive Notebooks. 

Our school has a subscription to Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr. and I was able to show the BPJr. video clip on Reading Nonfiction. Then we used Scholastic Book Order Magazines and cut out books and students sorted them between Fiction and Nonfiction.

Our grade level has a subscription to Time for Kids. I waited until after my Informational Unit to dive into the magazines. While discussing nonfiction text features, I use old magazines and have students find example of the text features.

It's my first year teaching through genres so I'm still working through the logistics, I hope to share more about this method towards the end of the school year.

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