Teaching the Five Senses

Well, it is October 10th and we are looking at things that start with F, so we thought it would be a good time to show y'all what we do for Five Senses. It is a great time of the year to do this unit since you can use pumpkins as you talk about five senses.

I hold up the pumpkin and talk about how we use our sight to look at the pumpkin. We look at the color, shape and size. You can cut into your pumpkin and smell it, and pull out the pulp and talk about how it feels. You can also bring in pumpkin muffins or make them in class and discuss how they taste.

Here is an easy pumpkin recipe:
We do a fun science experiment where I put items in a bag and the kiddos pull out items and talk about how the items feel.

Afterwards, we sort them according to how they feel.  The sort labels are in our 5 Senses Bundle, but you can easily make your own!

For the sense of hearing, we go on a leaf hunt.  They love looking for leaves! I ask them how the leaves sound when they step on them. They collect their leaves in a baggie.

Then the kiddos do leaf rubbings. They love doing this too! We talk about how the texture feels on the paper.

They cut out the leaf rubbings and create fall pictures and then write about their pictures. This makes a nice display for the hall:)

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We hope that you got some fun ideas on teaching the five senses. What are some fun activities that you do with your kiddos? We would love for you to share!

Have a great weekend,

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