Virginia Christmas Books

It's the last day of November which means it is officially time to gear up for Christmas. I wanted to share a few of  my favorite Virginia Christmas books to get you ready for the whirlwind that is the few weeks before Christmas break. I've used all of these books in my classroom and they are always a hit. Students love recognizing local places they have been. They are also a good tie in with some of the Va Social Studies SOLs (because we're all looking for an easy educational tie in right before Christmas break).

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Virginia by Sue Corbett

William visits his cousin in Virginia for the holidays and sends home letters with interesting Virginia historical facts and tidbits. This book mirrors the 12 Days of Christmas...Virginia style. In addition to being a super book, Sue Corbett is a local Virginia author!

Santa is Coming to Virginia by Steve Smallman

Join Santa and his reindeer as they fly over famous Virginia sites. And of course you'll always have a few students that swear they see their house in this book! You can find local versions of this book too, such as Santa is Coming to Northern Virginia and Santa is Coming to Virginia Beach. There is even a Santa is Coming to Washington DC to cover those patriotic symbols and monuments. Santa truly is everywhere!

The Virginia Night Before Christmas by E.J. Sullivan

This classic night before Christmas version is filled with Virginia references, including many UVA/VT rivalry remarks. I'm not sure if this book is in print anymore, but you may be able to snag a used copy. 

If you're not from the Old Dominion you should be able to find the first two books for your state too...they just may not be as good as the Virginia versions ;)

Do you have other Virginia Christmas books you use in your classroom? Leave us a comment, we'd love to add to our collection!

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  1. Oh my gosh...these are AWESOME!! I have never seen ANY of those titles before. Can't wait to check them out :) Thanks for sharing, Jennifer!