Chrome Extensions...What You Didn't Realize You Needed!

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If you've missed my wit and sorry! I have been sucked into the amazing world of Instructional Coaching, learning all about how to create and implement highly effective PLCs and helping teachers integrate more technology. I haven't even blogged at Superin2nd all month! 
But enough of that!
Are you using Chrome Extensions? There are myriad of them and they will change your life - no joke!

I made a vlog (?!?) post to show you how some of my favorite extensions work and how to get them for yourself. If you use GAPPs at your school (Google Apps for Education) this is a MUST read see. Your peers and Students will be amazed at your savvy skills

Here are links to the specific extensions mentioned in the video-but really...there are so many great ones - you should go exploring! Click the text and then you'll need to click on the matching image once you're in the Chrome Extensions Web Store and then click Add to Chrome (see the Random Quote example at the bottom).
Ad Block Plus
Crafty Text
Read & Write
Quotes on New Tabs

When you go to install the extensions, they will tell you what they will be accessing-- it may say  it can see some of your data, it's okay. I know for a fact that these extensions are not malicious, but if you would feel more comfortable, double check with the IT person at your school.  

Let me know if you enjoyed this or found any other cool things I should be aware of by commenting below. You're always welcome to find me at or on facebook or instagram (superin2ndandbeyond)..... Maybe you will be the kick in the pants I need to get back to blogging!

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Have an amazing December and I'll see you back here in January!


  1. Thank you for this post, Erin. I have experimented with a couple extensions myself, some of which you mentioned here.

  2. I finally was able to sit down and watch your video! I love it! I am going to add some of the extensions right now for my students.