Calendar Lesson...Math SOL 3.12

I had the pleasure of being observed the first week back at school this month and to top it off... it was Wacky Tacky Day!
I started planning for my observation lesson over winter break. The first place I looked was my district's Third Grade Math Curriculum Framework. I found a link to a model lesson on the VDOE, Calendar Math. After reading through the lesson I knew how I wanted my observation lesson to go. I would be day two of a six day unit on Math SOL 3.12: The student will identify equivalent periods of time including relationships among days, moths and years as well as minutes and hours.

My administration is into the 4 C's, have you heard of them? When they observe us they're looking for Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication. I tried to keep that in mind as I designed my lesson for the hour.
After my students took their 9's Multiplication Quiz I had them play the Calendar Game (communication, collaboration) that is in the model lesson from the VDOE. As pairs finished the game, they transitioned into the hallway for Calendar Task Card (some people call these activities Scoot, I call them Scavenger Hunts) completion. The cards were taped on the wall and students walked up and down the hallway recording their answers on this Recording Sheet (critical thinking).
As individuals finished the scavenger hunt with the Calendar Task Cards I handed them a "Design a Calendar" sheet (creativity) which had an activity from the journal/writing prompts section of the VDOE model lesson. Students then had the remainder of the math time to work on their own calendar.

Links to Documents in this Post:
Calendar Scoot Cards
Calendar Scoot Recording Sheet
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