Winter Poetry and a FREEBIE

Want some ideas on how to keep the writing curriculum fresh, even on those long Winter days?  Then look no further!  Poetry + Figurative Language = FUN during your writing block that will keep the creative juices flowing. 

It doesn't matter if you're in elementary school or middle school when it comes to poetry.  Everyone loves poetry!  You can dig pretty deep into figurative language and writing structure with something so simple as a poem.  Here are some of my favorite forms of poetry:

What's poetry without some really cool forms of figurative language?  Let's not forget about:

I designed a unit to explore these concepts further.

This unit is designed to have writers use the following strategies to vary their writing and use descriptive terms:
~"Show, Don't Tell"
~Figurative Language: Onomatopoeia, Metaphors
~Creating rhythm in poetry: Alliteration, Rhyming
~Types of poems: Cinquains, Limericks, Haikus

Standards of Learning/
Objectives addressed:
2.12 c:
~Expand writing to include descriptive detail
4.8 f:
~Incorporate adjectives
5.7 f
~Use precise and descriptive vocabulary to create tone and voice.
Grades 2-5
~Research, plan, compose, and revise for a variety of purposes
Grades 5-8:
~Use specific word choice, descriptive and/or figurative language, and selected information purposefully to craft a message, create tone, and enhance the writer’s voice.
~Includes sentences of various lengths and structures, resulting in a rhythmic flow.

If you'd like to pick up a copy, click here.

And NOW.... a FREEBIE!

Haikus are a wonderful way to dig deep into word choice and the writing process without a lot of pain.  This FREEBIE includes:
~Description and rules for writing a Haiku
~An example Winter Haiku
~Instructions for writing and editing a Winter Haiku

How do you keep writing after Christmas break fresh?  We'd love to hear about it!

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