4 Technology Resources to Help your Students Get Ready for State Testing

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Let me start by saying Happy St Patrick's Day!

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Now that we have gotten that out the way and you are in the St Patrick's Day Spirit,  For most teachers in grades 3 and beyond the old dreaded state testing will be coming up soon... About two months for me! For the first year ever I don't really need a "woo saw" moment because I feel my students are ready! So I'm going to share some technology resources that you can use that are very helpful in preparing students for those big tests.

I have some St. Patrick's Day surprises for you below... All you have to do is click on the image below and it will take you directly to a great website for testing practice. I encourage you to explore the site if it is new to you and think of ways that you can implement into your classroom as you are preparing your students for testing.

Website number 1: Edulastic! If you have never heard of or used edulastic you should! For us VA folks it is a little more difficult because everything is common core based. I like it because, it gives teachers the opportunity to create their own TEI questions. There aren't many online resources that allow teachers to do that. It is super easy to make questions to and to then assign them to your students. Your students do have to create their own account. For younger students you could do it for them. My class we did it all together at 1 time as I projected and showed them what I wanted them to do. I came up with their passwords and their usernames. You will not be disappointed with this resource!

There is a paid version and a free teacher version of Tenmarks. Of course I use the free version and set up my class so that all of my students have a username and a password. Tenmarks gives great math practice that you can assign based on specific SOL objectives. Students get incentives for lessons completed. The wording of some of these questions makes the student have to think but this sight does give students the option of going on and getting a hint if they get confused or even watching a video!

Quizizz is a great resource that quizzes students and they can go at their own pace. The goal however is to move faster than your classmates to have the most points at the end of the game. My students have greatly increased their math fluency since we started using this resource! It is so much fun to them! This is a lot like Kahoot, so if your kids like playing that.. then they will love this too!

This is a blog that someone created called TeiTemplates. The author of this blog has taken some old SOL passages and turned them into TEI style questions. She has them in a flipchart using SOL "langauge." She also has them in a pdf file so you can download them, print them, and then you have TEI practice in a reading or math station!

Which of these sites are new to you? Which have you used before? What resources do you use for test preparation?

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  1. Hi Karmen - this is Leslie from Edulastic. Thanks so much for the recommendation! I wanted to let you know that we will be adding Virginia standards soon, so stay tuned.