Getting Ready for Spring Sight Words & Writing

I am thrilled that my ESOL primaries are finally beginning to master some of the pre-primer sight words. They've been doing an awesome job retaining their sight words since the beginning of the new year. I'm convinced that something happens to the brains of children after the new year which suddenly trips their "light bulb"switches to the ON position. The promise of SPRING blooming certainly does for my students.

Today's post will take a look at some of the activities that I use with my students for reinforcement and enrichment of their sight words and writing skills.
1. SPRING Game Board

This fun Game Board {FREEBIE} allows teachers to use any set of pre-made flash cards to have students practice vocabulary, sight words, the alphabet, etc. Once the game is assembled, students simply spin the spinner, and then move the number of spaces on the game board if the student reads the word, letter, etc. on the card correctly.

Two versions of the spinner are included with the game, and four different game board pieces. To operate the spinner, students will hold a pencil vertically through a paper clip, and firmly onto the black dot on the spinner. Then flick it to get the paper clip to spin. I've also seen a metal brad used instead of a pencil.

Once the game pieces are cut out and folded as seen, staple or tape them together at the top to make the game piece stand up. I printed the spinners and game pieces on yellow card stock and printed the game board on white paper, and then mounted the pages to a brightly colored file folder. The board itself could be printed on colored card stock as well. Of course laminating the game would make it more durable.

2.  Spring Sight Word Book: WE   

                                 Click Here to get the Spring Sight Word Book:WE FREEBIE

This little book with repetitive text targets the pre-primer sight words: can, see, the,  and we. It has spring themed pictures for students to use as context clues. To get the entire book, click on the link above.

3.  SPRING Sight Words Spin, Write & Color

This fun coloring activity allows students to practice the Primer sight words. They spin the spinner, write the word on the lines provided, and then find and color the word on the picture.

This activity is ideal for struggling readers still needing practice reading their sight words. Words are from the Dolch Primer Sight Vocabulary list. This is a very simple, interactive, and fun way for students to practice the words. Students simply spin a paper clip on the spinner with a pencil and read the word that it stops on. Then they write the word on the lines. Finally, students find the word(s) on the Spring themed picture and color the word(s). Each word is found at least once in the picture.

There are eight Spin, Write, & Color worksheets with a Spring theme, including the following:
1. Boy with Tulips  2. Caterpillar   3. Boy with Pinwheel  4. Kite  5. Rainbow and Clouds  6. Rabbit with Easter Egg  7. Bunny with Jelly Beans  8. Earth Day Symbol
Dolch Primer Sight Words: ate, black, four, please, ride, white, who, eat, brown, four, new, our, pretty, soon, under, what, well, went, do, came, good, must, now, out, saw, that, there, with, say, want.

4. SPRING WRITING PACK: Anchor Charts, Writing Prompts & Paper

This Spring Writing Pack provides you with colorful and labeled anchor charts, primary lined writing paper, and prompts with a Spring theme.

There are three anchor charts, one each for March, April and May.

Following these are writing papers with a black line image for students to color, along with a short writing prompt. 

A Word Bank is provided for each writing page with words related to the title and picture.

Project the colorful anchor charts onto your white board, wall, screen. Copy the writing pages and collate them into a Spring themed writing journal for your students or stock your Writing Center to provide many days of writing opportunities for your kiddos.

Writing Topics & Prompts/Word Bank Words include:

1. SPRING [In Spring…]
2. MARCH [In March…]/March, Spring, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter Eggs, Shamrocks, Pot of Gold, Baby Chicks
3. APRIL [In April…]/April, Spring, showers, umbrella, flowers, butterflies
4. MAY [In May…]/May, Spring, butterflies, flowers, Mother’s Day
5. My Kite [My kite…]/kite, windy, Spring, air
6. St. Patrick’s Day [On St. Patrick’s Day…]/St. Patrick’s Day, leprechaun, pot of gold, rainbow, cloud, shamrock, green
7. Rain [When it rains…]/rain, Spring, umbrella, butterflies, puddle
8. My Rain Clothes [When it rains I put on…]/rain, hat, coat, boots, boat, puddle
9. Butterflies [Butterflies are…]/Spring, butterflies, flowers, net,
Grass, caterpillar
10. Easter Eggs [On Easter…]/Easter, basket, eggs, color, dye, brush
11. Earth Day [For Earth Day…]/Earth Day, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, clean, safe
12. Mother’s Day [On Mother’s Day…]/Mother’s Day, mom, flowers, card, tulip
13. Pinwheels {Pinwheels are…]/pinwheels, wind, spring, blow
14. Ladybugs and Caterpillars [Ladybugs and caterpillars…]/
caterpillar, butterfly, Spring, spots, red, black, green

To get your complete Spring Writing Pack, click on the link above.

What Spring Reading and Writing activities do you do for your kiddos? Care to share? 

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