Money Matters: Quick Tips for Learning Coins

Satisfies SOL Objectives: K.7, 1.7a, 1.7b

Well, it is that time of the year where we start teaching money, so we wanted to share some of the activities that we do to teach money. We know this is a difficult concept for many children, so we hope these ideas will help them. 

Calendar Time:
I use coins every day, starting with the first day of school. Students put up a coin every day on a velcro chart. They start with a penny and add a penny every day and then on day 5, I show the kiddos that we can change 5 pennies into a nickel. We change 2 nickels into a dime on day 10, etc.   I have my calendar helper count the amount of money on our chart and guess how much there is.  My kiddos love it when we put up a $1 for 100 days!

Group Time:
I have found that teaching math in small groups is very successful. I give my students a board, marker, coin chart that is included in our pack or you can use a hundreds chart, and a bag of coins.
Let me tell you a good time saver is to have the items I mentioned all in a gallon size freezer bag. That way you can give each student a bag with everything they need.

I show them how they can use their coin charts to help them count their money.  

I will ask the students to place coins on their boards and write a line under each coin. I walk them through how to count and write the amount as they go. 

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Brittany and I have created a 70 page money unit that has fun games and activities with a daily lesson plan that lasts 4 weeks if the plan is followed. Just click on the picture below to purchase:

We use our coin books that are included in the unit in a math center with coins for the kiddos to match the pages. This is a great center for the students and easy to set up. 

Here are the words to the coin song in the bundle.  There is a musical recording included when you purchase the bundle.

Y'all enjoy and have a great week!

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