1st Grade Social Studies SOL Changes

For first grade, there are a few changes to our social studies standards, and I thought I'd share some of them with you to help you plan ahead.
The new standards are up on the Virginia Department of Education's website, but the curriculum framework is not yet available. I teach in Bedford County and next week will be part of a team of first grade teachers to create our pacing guide for the upcoming school year.

Standard 1.1 - Skills

  • changed from interpreting information in timelines
  • new standard: understand and use skills  necessary to show historical thinking, responsible citizenship, geographical analysis, and economic decision making

Standard 1.2-History

  • changed from George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington Carver, and Eleanor Roosevelt
  • new standard: knowledge of Virginia history, focusing on the settlement in Jamestown, importance of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to Virginia history, and life in Virginia today

Standard 1.3

  • changed from lives of people associated with Columbus Day and Presidents' Day, along with the importance of the Fourth of July -- moved to Standard 1.4
  • new standard: influential people to Virginia history - includes Powhatan, Pocahontas, Christopher Newport, Maggie L. Walker, and Arthur Ashe

Standard 1.4

  • the old 1.4 begins the section on geography - new geography section begins at 1.5
  • partially moved from the old 1.3 - George Washington Day (Presidents’ Day), Independence Day (Fourth of July), Martin Luther King, Jr., Day

Standard 1.5-Geography

  • old 1.4 and 1.5 standards include creating maps and develop map skills
  • new standard: the map skills standards are fairly similar - the children will be expected to develop map skills so that he can recognize basic map symbols, use cardinal directions, identify the shapes of VA and the US on maps and globes, locate Washington, DC and Richmond on a US map, and create a simple map using title, map legend, and compass rose

Standard 1.6

  • changed from describe how his community, climate, and physical surroundings affect life
  • new standard: have a geographical understanding for how Virginia's four distinct seasons affect life in the commonwealth and landforms in Virginia

Standards 1.7, 1.8, 1.9-Economics

  • no changes to the 3 economics standards on goods/services, producers/consumers, you cannot have everything you want, and understanding the importance of saving money for something you want to purchase

Standard 1.10-Civics

  • no changes to this civis standard - understand and apply the traits of a good citizen

Standard 1.11

  • US symbols of American flag with the Pledge of Allegiance, Washington Monument, Statue of Liberty, and the bald eagle, which foster patriotism and honor
  • new standard: understand patriotism and honor by learning about the American flag and the Pledge of Allegiance

Standard 1.12

  • The old 1.12 is about Virginia communities ... hang tight with me for a moment and I'll be back with that!
  • new standard: symbols and traditional practices for the commonwealth - identify the Virginia flag, the state flower, bird, and capitol building, along with describing why we have symbols and traditions

Standard 1.13

  • The 2008 standards only have 12, so this standard has part of the old 1.12 - Virginia communities.
  • new standard: understanding Virginia communities, in that we have elections for state and local government offices, how we make contributions to our community, and how customs and traditions make Virginians united
While in Richmond last summer, my family and I visited the Maggie Lena Walker house, knowing that the changes to the social studies standards were coming. The National Park Service has her home, in the middle of downtown, We spent 1-2 hours going through the house with a knowledgeable park ranger. Her life is fascinating and I'm excited to share her with my first graders! If you live in the Richmond area, this would be a great field trip!
Although we "give" away teaching Benjamin Franklin, Christopher Columbus (for Columbus Day), and George Washington Carver to second grade, I am excited about the changes! I think being from Virginia and having taught the fourth grade Virginia Studies curriculum makes me happy, knowing that our little ones will have a deeper understanding and excitement about the Commonwealth of Virginia!

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