Sweet Treats to Inspire Learning from Pre-K-12

It's that time of year when students are imagining sleeping in, no testing, and days spent with no agenda.  So, what do you do to keep things educational and fun at this time of year?  Why, you pull out the sweets, of course!

Here is a list of low-prep (or no-prep) end-of-year activities that will keep the kids learning and having fun that use candy.

State Testing

"Saving Sam": A team-building challenge to "save" a gummy worm from drowning
The end of the year is a great time to dust off those team-building exercises you used at the beginning of the year.

Growth Mindset
Edible Neurons 
This craftivity is so fun to show how you can strengthen your mind/memory.
Life Science/Biology:
This one was done by a Second Grade teacher, but it easily translates into 8th Grade science curriculum.
Gummy Bear Osmosis
I've done a similar experiment with my 7th-Graders.
Earth Science
This one was written by a Preschool teacher, but you could easily make it appropriate for older students by having them count and graph the chips they found.  

Another great way to extend a unit on fossils/dinosaurs.  For older students, this can be tied into your evolution unit to show how we use fossils to prove change over time.
Oreo Phases of the Moon
This was written by a Kindergarten teacher as part of her unit on the Moon, but Virginia students need to know the phases of the moon starting in 4th grade.  So go ahead and let those older kids play with cookies!
This was written by a 5th grade teacher.  What could be better, or more delicious, than Oreos, chocolate syrup, and M&Ms to demonstrate the layers of Earth?

Starting in 5th grade, Virginia students are required to know how each type of rock is made and the cycle it goes through to get there.  Here's a really cool way to have your learning and eat it, too!
Language Arts
This was written by a 2nd grade teacher, but ALL students could use practice with developing those words, phrases, and paragraphs that concisely and appropriately convey their opinion.

Even though this was written for 1st-2nd grade, I found that even 7th-graders need a reminder on how-to writing.  So, bust out those cookies for kids of all ages!
Even though this lesson was written by a primary teacher, I could totally see middle-schoolers getting into this!
Oreo Sight Word Recognition
Call out letters and have students cover them on their "bingo board" with cookies.  I would probably use a smaller print and different type of candy to make a true bingo board.
Although this is a worksheet, you could recreate some of these sweet scenarios as a treat for completing the exercise.

For older students, Have them measure the Oreos in standard and metric.

Pick different types of cookies, let students vote on their favorites, and declare the winner.  Take it to the next level by having older students design their own poll, ballot, and graph to represent the results.

Social Studies
From dictatorships to democracy, this teacher had her students use gummy bears to represent the different types of government.  The picture below shows a "voting booth" for the democracy.  So clever!

Teaching Taxation Without Representation/Things That Led to the American Revolution

This teacher gives ridiculous scenarios in which the King or Queen (of the classroom) would be allowed to tax the students.  Wearing white socks?  Fork over a Smartie!  So fun!

Not finding what you're looking for?  Check out this post by Carla at Comprehension Connection. She shares a boatload of ideas across several subjects.  Happy hunting!

Any ideas you'd like to share about using sweets to teach at the end of the year?  We can  use all the ideas we can get!

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