To be Superstitious, or not?

Need some good luck in your classroom for testing or anything in general?  Check out these "tips" to help you find a little luck and bring it your way!

Hello, all!  Happy Friday the 13th!

Yes, I said happy, because I'm giving you all the luck you need to keep your school day very lucky, indeed!

Are you a superstitious person?  Most athletes are, as well as many of their fans.  Their routines include a variety of unwashed socks and jerseys, or smelly shoes.  Why they pick the most unhygienic things to bring luck around, I don't know.

Those in testing grades, I have some lucky charms for you to create your own "teaching superstitions" to bring all the luck you need for your students and self.  Or, if you just feel the need to ward off some bad luck, here's a few helpful "tips".

To bring luck to you:
  • have a rabbit's foot
  • find a four leaf clover
  • find a horseshoe
  • wear your clothes inside out (works for snow, too, I hear!)
  • wear your birthstone
  • have a cricket in your house (or classroom!)
  • keep goldfish in a pond
  • find a penny heads up
  • get out of bed on the same side you got in
  • rubbing the head of a redhead
Avoid bad luck by:
  • not walking under a ladder
  • don't let a black cat cross your path
  • not breaking a mirror (you may as well just give up... 7 years of bad luck!!!)
  • not opening an umbrella in the house
  • not singing at the table
  • not sleeping at the table
  • don't let a bird in your house through the window
  • not having goldfish in your house (or classroom! but if you have 7 gold goldfish, and one black goldfish, it's okay. seriously.)
  • not chasing anyone with a broom
  • not dropping a dishcloth
  • not rocking an empty rocking chair
Some helpful tips to help your students...
  • eating fish makes you smarter.
  • turning 7 times clockwise in a circle will break a bad spell
While I'd heard a few of these, I am immediately taking action by removing all dishcloths from my house and tying down my rocking chairs.  Did you see me turning around 7 times??

In all seriousness, teachers, being the educated, scientific theorists we are, know that these have no bearing on the vibes floating around the universe, or more specifically, our classroom.  You have worked hard to prepare your students for what lies ahead of them, whether it's a standardized test, or in my hope, life in general.  No lucky charm will change that.  It all rests in fate's hand.  Not sure whether the left or right is luckier, Google didn't have any good information...

But we can tell when it is a full moon.  And that's scientific fact.  And an e-card, so it must be true, right?

Lucky for us, there is no full moon tonight.  Rest well, weary teachers.  The end is in sight.  Get in bed and sleep well.  Just make sure you get out of bed on the same side you got in.

List of superstitions found here at Superstition Bash - CSI

Happy Friday the 13th!

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