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GAFE, google slides, google apps for education

Here we go, diving deeper into using Google Apps as teachers!  I have only recently started using Google slides in the classroom, but so far I love it.  I am able to collaborate with my peers on presentations, make notes on slides, and do a lot of the same things that I can do in Powerpoint  With this post I am just scratching the surface of all of the fun stuff that Google Slides can do.  I hope this post helps you get started. 

GAFE, google slides, google apps for education

First, you need to go to google slides by going to this website or going through your Google drive.  Choose either a blank presentation or click the more to see premade templates.  

GAFE, google slides, google apps for education

Once you get to your new presentation you can add the name of the presentation in the top left.  One of the lovely things about Google is that your files auto save to Google drive, so you want to make sure you put the name you want your presentation saved by in the titled box. 

Now you can start designing your presentation.  You can jump into typing right away, or you can use a theme to add some color to your presentation. 

GAFE, google slides, google apps for education

Once you choose your theme and add in some information, you can add additional elements to a slide by clicking on insert.  This menu gives you a whole list of options.  You can also use this to add new slides to your presentation. 

GAFE, google slides, google apps for education

Another way to add a new slide is to right click in the slide list on the left of your screen. 

Add an image is so easy with Google Slides. Click on insert, then click image.  This box will pop up. You can add images from lots of different places.  Choose your location and then your image.  Your image will pop into your slide where you can make any needed adjustments such as recoloring your image or cropping. 

GAFE, google slides, google apps for education
You can also change that background of just one slide by right clicking on the slide.  From the pop up menu click background.  This lets you pick a new color, make an image the background (This is a great way to use digital papers) or add a theme to this one slide. 

As I said earlier, this is just a scratch on the surface of what you can do with Google slides.  You can add transitions and animation, videos, and lots of other features to make your presentations exciting. 

Ok, so now I gave you all of this info on how to create a presentation, your probably thinking, what now?  Well, I can tell you I made all of the images for this post using Google slides.  I also recently did a presentation with some of my co-workers and we were able to work from home, but still work together.  As for uses in the classroom check out these websites to find different way other teachers have used google slides.:

I would love to hear how you use google slides or plan to use google slides in your classroom.  Please leave some comments below. 

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  1. Thanks for the easy steps for Slides! My students love to insert pictures from the Google search.