Summer Summer Summer Time!

Today was supposed to be my last day with students, but mother nature had other plans! There were so many power outages, school was canceled on the last day... Which means that yesterday was actually my last day with students. My official last day of the year is Wednesday and it can not come fast enough. With that being said I am already in summer mode... so... cue Will Smith... and Enjoy!

Ok so, Im sure you already have your summer vacation plans together, but if you are a serious procrastinator like I am... Here are some awesome things that Virginia has to offer for you to check out this summer!

1. Virginia Aquarium: I mean who doesn't love the aquarium and checking out all the animals. Follow that up with Finding Dory and you have a whole two days of activities. Check out the link to see all of the exhibits the Virginia Aquarium has to offer.

2. Theme Parks: My personal favorite is Kings Dominion. It has the water and the rides. We go there and get the best of both worlds. and for me.. Kings Dominion is only a 40 minute ride! Busch Gardens and Water Country are also awesome!

3. I love to try to give my son learning experiences so a place like Monticello is awesome for him. He absolutely Love places where he learns new information and he asks tons of questions about what is happening and reads everything that he sees! Yes for learning!

4. If you are a nature lover I encourage you to go visit the Great Dismal Swamp with its beautiful wild life and foliage. There is tons to do there like hiking, biking, and fishing. You can also check the schedule for available educational programs.

5.This may not be family friendly, but as adults we need play time too, go visit a winery or brewery. Virginia has many wineries to choose from so just pick one and go. You could even pick several that are in the same vicinity and go check out multiple. Here is a list of the wineries/breweries in Virginia.

6. Finally, We all know that Virginia is for Lovers... So Why not go on a scavenger hunt for "LOVE" signs and take a picture with them all! Here is a list of where you can find all of the "LOVE" signs in Virginia. They also have pictures of each one so you can have them in your mind before you go. Also check out the different attractions in the places where you find the signs!

Whatever you do this summer, make sure you have fun, enjoy family and friends, and take some time to relax! We have worked hard this year so in the middle of all the planning for the upcoming school year take sometime for yourself!

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