Brag Tags in the Classroom

Have you heard of Brag Tags? I had seen them on Pinterest but didn't really know what they were until a coworker and friend of mine mentioned she wanted to try them in her classroom. In my quest to make them for her, I started to really like the idea of them and decided to implement them in my classroom as well.
So what are brag tags? They are little badges that the students earn throughout the school year. They can be earned for character related traits or academic accomplishments. You can hop on over to my blog and read more about how I intend to use in my classroom.
I got some super cute new clipart today and decided to make a "bee themed" set of brag tags. Maybe you can use them in your classroom, click here to download.

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  1. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I started using Brag Tags last year with my special needs students (grades 3-5) and they loved them. This is a generous freebie! Thanks again, now to print, laminate, and cut out!