Teaching Math Equality to Primary Children

My first graders are working on our equality unit this week. This is one unit that makes me cringe just a little bit because of the challenge of it, especially being at the beginning of the school year. Here's some of the things we have been learning:

We sorted subtraction (seen here) and addition (not pictured) sentences for different ways to equal a difference or a sum.

Balancing Equations - cutting out addition sentences and finding a second addition sentence to show equal addition sentences.
We sorted equal and not equal addition sentences.

The children made pockets in their math notebook of equal and not equal addition sentences. They then solved the addition sentence cards and sorted them into the correct pocket.
And some fun Halloween themed equal/not equal sorting cards. These Halloween cards are a freebie, but are also included in the large equality unit.
These activities are in my equal and not equal unit. Click on the images above to find this product.

Do you teach equality? What are some ways that you drive your instruction?

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  1. Love this thank you. Great for review since we have already taught this skill but always great to review!