Distance Learning: Mic Drop Maths Podcast For Kids!

As we continue to transition to distance learning, we know kids need to read, read, read. If you're looking for ways to access digital books, check out the post here. What about quality math instruction for distance learning?

Today on the blog, Lindsey Paulson is sharing an innovative resource for math instruction for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. Read more about the Mic Drop Maths podcast below.

Check out the Mic Drop Maths podcast for kids for distance learning with quality math instruction for 4th-6th grades. Find the podcast on Apple, Stitcher, Spotifiy, or www.micdropmaths.com

Mic Drop Maths 

Mic Drop Maths is a mathematics podcast for kids! The first episode dropped November 2019 and features 5th grade teacher Whitney Wells-Corfield and her students from Montpelier, Virginia.

Whitney Wells-Corfield started the podcast as she saw a need for engaging and quality mathematics instruction from her 5 years as a specialized mathematics coach. Together with her Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, Lindsey Paulson, they produce the Mic Drop Maths podcast for kids. 


Mic Drop Maths episodes focus on a 4th, 5th, or 6th grade maths standard in a fun and exciting way to review or learn new maths content. Students learn maths standards, but are also exposed to engaging maths history, real life application of the concept, along with jokes, game show segments, and more!

Episodes during our "distance learning phase" may be shorter and without students, but please know we'll be back to featuring kids' voices as soon as possible. Until then, you can still learn along with Mrs. Wells-Corfield recording from her home. 

How To Listen

You can listen to the podcast anytime on podcast apps: Apple, Stitcher, and Spotify. You can also listen and download on the website www.micdropmaths.com

The website also features follow along resources for each episode to support students either during distance learning or when we're all back in the classroom together.

We hope you can share this quality resource with your students and families during our distance learning phase and beyond. Follow Mic Drop Maths on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all at @micdropmaths or the website www.micdropmaths.com for new episodes and more!

Lindsey Paulson on Virginia Is For Teachers

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