B is for Brains!

Hi there! Stacy from Tidbits from the TAG Teacher here! I'm so excited to be with you on the 26th of every month to share a bit of everything gifted with you all. This month I'm talking about one of the buzzwords surrounding gifted ed, Mindset.

Cultivating a growth mindset with your students is important. It not only positively benefits our high ability learners, but all students. The research behind mindset comes from Carol Dweck. If you haven't checked out her book Mindset, you should!

Not so long ago researchers believed that everyone was born with a fixed amount of intelligence. However, over time they have realized that they were wrong... thank goodness!  This is where mindset comes in. When we teach students about growth vs. fixed mindsets, we teach them important beliefs and skills that will help them to succeed. 

When one thinks with a growth mindset they embrace challenges, see learning as journey, persist in the face of setbacks, and feel accomplished by putting in hard work. This leads to high levels of achievement. 

Thinking with a growth mindset is important for all students, but especially for our high-ability students. These students get used to things coming easy to them, but eventually things will get difficult. When this happens, often times students consider themselves "dumb" or "stupid" because they can't figure something out instantly. By cultivating a growth mindset in your classroom, we prepare students for challenges in the future. 

If you want more information on growth mindset or how to incorporate this into your classroom, go to my website Teaching with Growth in Mind.

See you next month!

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