Best Books to Get Boys Reading!

Hello, everyone!  It's Andrea from Reading Toward the Stars with some great books to get boys reading!

I hope everyone is enjoying this fall like weather that we have had.  Now is the time when we start really curling up with some good books to read in my family.  But what do you do when you have a young boy who just doesn't want to read?!

You find something that reels them in!

Though there really is no perfect list of books for boys to read, I have two lists of books that are perfect for boys who are reluctant to read~one for younger boys and one for older boys.  These are some my own son has enjoyed over the years that inspired him to read ~ something I never thought would happen!

The picture books!

What boy doesn't love aliens and underpants!  This book will have them laughing all along.  My daughter even loves this book!  There is an entire series of underpants books!

This classic is every boy's dream ~ to run away to another land.  Boys love adventure, and this one is full of it.  In the end, we always realize that home is the best place to be.

My son loved pirates, and this was one of his favorites!  Many boys enjoy pirates, and this is another great book to remind us that home is where it's at!

This was one of my favorites to read with my third graders! Mixing monsters and dogs will have boys roaring out loud and laughing.  Girls love this book too!

Now for the older crowd who are into chapter books:

The Adventures of Captain Underpants (Captain Underpants, #1)

Here is the book that started it all for my son.  If it weren't for Captain Underpants, I don't know if he would be the reader he is.  Notice that underpants are still popular with older boys too!

I found this gem today when one of the kids in the fourth grade class was reading it.  I had to see what it was about, and it so reminded me of my middle school son.  Now I just need to finish it!

The Origami Yoda series is amazing and by a Virginia author!  Tom Angleberger has been to our school twice and is so inspiring.  He overcame dyslexia to begin writing his own books about a popular movie series with children in middle school.

Graphic novels are awesome for boys to enjoy too!  Many of my son's friends were reading the Percy Jackson series, but he wasn't ready for it yet.  He read the graphic novel and had a complete understanding.  How many of your husbands (or you) enjoyed comic books?  Many of us did, and graphic novels still get them reading!  

What can you do to get boys reading?!  Find something they love and let them read it!  It won't hurt them to read comic books or graphic novels or newspapers or magazines.  Just let them read and enjoy every minute of it!  This list is just the beginning.  There are so many more books that boys will love to read!

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