Beginnings and Quality Behavior

B is for Beginnings and Behavior!

Hi Y'all!
My name is Pam and my daughter is Brittany. We are from SOL Train Learning. I will be here on the 10th of every month, and I look forward to sharing my classroom experiences with y'all! Today, I am sharing what I do on the first week of school to encourage quality behavior!

First I go over the chorus and motions of our Quality Student Song:
Q-Quiet when we need to be- Make a Q with your arms in a circle and right foot in the front
U-Undersatanding toward others-Hands in the air like a U
A-Awesome in every way! Hands spread out by their sides like A
L-We love to learn! Make L with arms
I-We are all important parts- arms straight by your sides
T-Of a team working together-Arms straight up like a T
Y-It's up to You-You can be a quality student too! Arms up and slanted like a Y.

Then we sing the Quality Student song: Free Download:

Then we discuss the song and point out all the behavior traits that are in the song. Next my students sit in a circle and we go around taking turns saying our names and saying what a quality student is: 

"My name is______________ and a quality student_______________________." The student that is talking is holding Quality Quentin-my classroom mascot. He is a penguin and my kiddos just love him:)

We do this every day for the first couple of weeks of school so that the kiddos know what a quality student is, and if you are at Baldridge School, this fits right into the idea of "quality".

I also read about Quentin the Quality Penguin's First Day of School and how he learns the quality student song. You can get this book at our store if you're interested, just click on the picture below:

The kiddos also complete a quality student crown and I take their pictures to go outside our door. I will put the pictures on the little ice floes.

This is a FREE poem that I have my kiddos to complete by writing their names on the papers and drawing  pictures of themselves as quality students.

Then the kiddos make themselves as "Quality Students"...

First you take a 12"x18" and fold it so you have 8 squares.

Then cut out the first and last square on the bottom row.

Then you cut out a small triangle to make pants.

Then you fold the first and last square on the first row in the middle, and glue the two squares you cut out behind these squares to make sleeves.

Then cut out a head and glue it on the back.

Next the students will decorate them with yarn for hair or they can just draw their hair. My kiddos love the yarn! My girls also decided to make skirts.

This little guy decided to add a mustache:)

Some of them also added shoes and hands. Lastly the students wrote their name, and what made them a quality student . They had a lot of fun using their creativity!

We hope you enjoyed our activity and that your kiddos will enjoy the Quality Student song. If you would like to have the quality student crowns or you could call them hats since Quality Quentin wears a hat,  you can purchase them along with over 90 pages of ELA pages that will help you to emphasize quality behavior! Just click on the picture to see more: Remember that Quentin's First Day of School is included in this full pack. We are offering the full pack for 50% off just today!

We also have a FREE sample of the Back to School Pack: 

If you would like to know more about how we try to incorporate "quality" into the classroom, just email us. We would love to share more!

Thank you so much! See you next month!

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