Take Aways from Move Your Bus by Ron Clark

Hi, Everyone, I'm Lori from Your Teacher Assistant. In keeping with this month's "B" theme, today's post is called, "Be a Bus Mover!"

Over the summer I read a great book called Move Your Bus, by bestselling author and award-winning educator, Ron Clark.

This book was a game changer for me. I was very motivated and inspired by the creative way in which Ron Clark uses a bus to identify the different members of a team based on their behaviors, attitudes and how they perform on the team. It was very easy for me to identify which role I usually play on the various teams that I am on currently, and what steps I need to take to maximize my performance on the teams.

I wanted to share some of what I learned with you in today's post, and encourage you to put this book on your MUST READ list as soon as you can. As it has done for me, I believe Move Your Bus will change your mind about how you teach and contribute to the team that you currently sit on in your school or wherever.

The big idea of this book is Teamwork and how the key players that make up a great team of workers can successfully accomplish any task better. Ron Clark uses the parable of a bus driver and bus riders to illustrate essential techniques and strategies necessary to inspire team leaders and team members to work smarter and harder to "move your bus" to a successful end.

Read about each member of "the bus" in the chart below to see if you can identify which member you most closely resemble. Can you also identify other members of your team? Finally, read about how Ron Clark would advise you to move your bus!

I realize that most of us will have already started our school year by the time this blog posts. That means that we are all super busy and finding the time to read a book for inspiration and enrichment may be a little bit of a challenge right now. But I have a couple solutions!

#1 Get the Move Your Bus Audible edition. I am a bit of a multi-tasker, so being able to listen to this book rather than sit down with a physical book worked really well for me. Ron Clark is the actual reader of his own audiobook, so it was very entertaining and a quick read. I actually finished it in just two sittings. If you're not familiar with Audible, it is an audiobook app that you can download on your computer, smartphone or iPad through Amazon.

#2 If you are a busy teacher, mom, and blogger, and more, and after reading this post you honestly want to take on the challenge of learning how to be a bus mover--no worries! I'm so excited to tell you that fellow bloggers, Kacie, from Second Grade Sizzle and Erica, from The Inspired Teacher, are hosting a Move Your Bus Book Study! That's right, a book study.

So, head on over to Second Grade Sizzle to find out how brilliantly these busy teachers have planned out how you can join the book study today--to discuss, share ideas, and motivate one another as you read through this awesome book.

Which team member are you most like? How will you become a Bus Mover?