Book Organization (& a FREEBIE!)

I bet either you...or a teacher you know...owns this cart, but...

I got this cart from Sam's Club  many moons ago.  You can now buy them at Michael's and similar stores.  Every year that I have been a teacher, this cart has been in my room.  The problem is that I never seemed to know what to put in it.  I've tried games and manipulatives, but there wasn't enough space. I've tried organizing my files/worksheets/tests, but I quickly learned that files weren't easy to find when in this cart.  I've tried so many things! Every year it's been something different, and  I almost gave it away this year when I moved to a new school. I just wasn't sure if I had the space for it in my room.

And then... I had a lightbulb moment.  I can store my monthly, seasonal read alouds in this cart!  And the best part??  We are in school for 10 months...and there are ten drawers here.  Perfect!
And the first year I used this cart, I put some basic labels on the drawers.  Three years later, I tried to take the labels off the drawers.  This was the result.  

Obviously, I needed something to cover up those nasty label marks.  So, these fun labels were created!
Now, the cart sits behind my desk and is no longer an eyesore.  

There's a place for every seasonal/holiday read aloud I own.  When it's time to find the perfect book to read for Halloween or Thanksgiving, I won't be searching on my bookshelf.  All I have to do is go to the drawer and pull out the book!  

I can't wait to grow my collection of monthly read alouds!  Especially now that I have a place for all of the books!

And because you rock for stopping by our blog can click the image below to get a FREE copy of the labels that I made for the drawers!  And the best part is that you can stick them on anything you want...drawers, boxes, bags...just print them on sticker paper and you are good to go!

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