Foundation Blocks for Early Learning - Literacy

Virginia K-12 teachers have the Standards of Learning to guide instruction, but what about our younger students? The Department of Education has written a set of Comprehensive Standards for 4-year-olds called the Foundation Blocks for Early Learning. These Foundation Blocks incorporate goals and objectives from each curriculum area and also include suggested learning activities.
Activities to meet the Literacy Standards
You can download your own Foundation Blocks Standards by clicking the image above. In addition to all of the suggested activities that are listed, here are links to some other developmentally appropriate ways to teach each standard.

Oral Language

The child will develop listening and speaking skills by communicating experiences and ideas orally.


The child will develop an understanding of word meanings through the use of appropriate and expanding vocabulary.

Phonological Awareness

The child will manipulate the various units of speech sounds in words.

Letter Knowledge

The child will demonstrate basic knowledge of the alphabetic principle and understand that the letters in written words represent the sounds in spoken words.

Print Awareness

The child will demonstrate knowledge of print concepts and understand the connection between the spoken and written word.


The child will write using a variety of materials and technology to convey thoughts, ideas, and experiences.
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Virginia Foundation Blocks for Literacy
Our first day at Play to Learn Preschool is today. (Wish us luck. The first month is exhausting!) Whether you've been teaching for a while or are just ready to get started, I hope that you have a wonderful school year, full of lots of playing and literacy learning.

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