Investigating Physical Properties with a Fall Favorite

Ok so fall is my absolute FAVORITE season in the year! I love to watch the leaves changing colors, and the air as it gets cooler. Fall is time for Cute boots and cozy sweaters... Pumpkin everything.. Beverages, muffins, and I can't forget that pumpkin bagel from Panera...

This post is about one of my favorite fall things... and its not pumpkins! lol... Another fruit... Apples!

For some reason we associate apples with September and Pumpkins with fall... well I would take either one all year long... if I had my way.

With that being said... I'm here to share a fun fall activity involving apples.

Science SOL 3.3 talks about describing physical properties and making physical changes to objects. 

What better thing for the fall months to describe physical properties and make physical changes to than... Apples...

Minibooks and student journals are a favorite of mine and they go right into our interactive notebooks with no problems.

Starting with our apples journals...

We listed different physical properties. The properties we come up with were color, shape, size, texture, phase, temperature, ability to dissolve in water.

And then after observing an apple with our five sentences described some of the physical properties of the apple. We described the color of the apple, the texture of the apple, and the phase of the apple (of course it is a solid)

After determining the physical properties of an apple then we discussed physical changes and ways that we could make physical changes. We said that we could change the color by painting on it, coloring it, we could change the size or shape of the apple by cutting it into smaller pieces.

Finally for just for the heck of it... We stuck the apples into different liquids just to see what would happen... Milk, Vinegar, Sprite, and Water... 

None of them really did anything lol... .but the vinegar... and the kids just described that one as yucky! 

There were no other words!

Here is a copy of the Apple Journal if you would like to use it in your class! Just click on the picture below to access it!

Of course.. if you are a pumpkin person then you could use pumpkins... or any other fruit/vegetable/ snack  or whatever to do this activity! I had a plethora of apples so it was good for me! The most important part is to have fun learning!


  1. Hi Carmen, Where can we find a download of this great resource? :)

    1. Hi! I just added a link to the apple journal above!