Rolling for Addition | A Math Game

Hey there!  Today's blog post features a simple idea to keep your students engaged during math class.  You may have already done this with your students, or it might be something you've yet to do.  Sometimes, I find that the simplest ideas with the fewest amount of required materials needed are the most effective.  My third graders were practicing addition the other day and I could tell they were getting bored.  Problem after problem was becoming very tedious, so I knew I had to change something.

So, I decided to pull out the dice.  

I have two tables in my room.  I put my boys at one table, and my girls at another table.  Each person received a dice and a number.  The person who was number one rolled for the ones place.  The person who was number two rolled for the tens place, and so on.  As each person would roll their dice, they would write the number on their paper.  Then, they would all roll again for the second number.  After they had all rolled again, they had two numbers on their paper that they would have to add together.  At this point, I let them work together and help their classmates who were struggling.  It was great to watch them work together!  

The best part about this is that it's a flexible game!  Use it for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and so much more!  

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