Blendspace - Digital Lessons Made Easy

This year I've started using a great websites called blendspace and it has made my life in the classroom so much easier!

Blendspace is a free site for educators that allows you to mix different types of media to create digital lessons. The lessons can be used in the classroom or shared for practice at home.

I use Blendspace every day for the songs we sing during calendar. Of course, these do get switched up from time to time, but you can click below to see what we are currently singing every morning.

All of these videos are from YouTube, so you may be asking why blendspace? Why not just YouTube? I've found two things that make blendspace the perfect way to share YouTube videos in the classroom - there are no ads and no continuous play lists. Ads are a total distraction for my first graders and sometimes not always the thing I want to be showing at school! When I used a playlist on YouTube to show my videos they all played one after the other without stopping. I don't always want to play the vidoes back to back and blendspace gives me more control.

What else can you do with blendspace? I've used it to make computer station work for my students. They are all familiar with how the blendspace interface works, so it was a perfect way for me to pick activities from different websites that reinforced the skills we were working on in class. 

This is a blendspace we worked on at the beginning of fall. Just click on the blue links to open the page and then come back to blendspace when you're finished. 

It is also great for creating lessons you'll teach to the whole group because you can add just about anything to your lesson - your own text and graphics, videos, games, websites. I think the possibilities for this site are endless! 

Have you used blendspace in the classroom?

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