Teaching Fall Colors Interactive Notebook

 Teaching Fall Colors Interactive Notebook

Happy Fall! It's Lori from Your Teacher Assistant blogging today. 

Fall happens to be one of my favorite seasons! The weather is still quite mild in the southeast, and what's more, it is absolutely beautiful. Bursts of colors are everywhere! The colors of the trees this time of year are simply stunning. Vibrant red, yellow, purple, orange and brown leaves paint nearly every tree in sight.

What a great time of year for teaching about the colors of fall! Today I'm sharing with you how I teach the FALL COLORS to my primary ESOL and ELL students using an Interactive Notebook. Preschool and Kinders could definitely benefit from this activity as well. 

We start off building background with an easy reader that focuses on the colors of fall leaves. Students use their schema to generate a lively discussion on fall and the colors of fall. You know there's always convesation about collecting leaves and trees turning colors. Some may even mention how they go on walks to find different colored leaves, raking leaves, or even jumping in big leaf piles if you're lucky!

Using the predictable text and the pictures, it's easy for my students to review some color words and sight words as well. Students can then color, cut out and glue the color word pictures into their notebooks. 

Next, I have the students say and then cut out the sight words that we have been reviewing from the bottom of this page. After that, they arrange the squares into a sentence that makes sense on top of their desks. 

Once checked for accuracy and fluency, students can then glue the color words down into their interactive notebooks and then write the sight word sentence. 

After this, I have the students trace and write the color words, color the fall leaf appropriately and then under the flap draw their own colored leaves.

Last, I review the color words once more with the color words on the leaves. Once these are mastered, students get to color and cut out their leaves and tuck them into the Colors pocket in their notebooks for review at another time.

Finally, students trace, read and write a sentence, and draw leaves of different colors. More advanced writers label the leaves with the color words.

My ESOL students and ELLs have fun with this fall color words activity. I hope yours will as well. You can get your Teaching Fall Colors Interactive Notebook at my TpT store. Enjoy your Fall!

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