Top Ten Signs You May Be "Teacher Tired"

I don't know about you, but this daylight savings time is killing me. When I leave for work, the sun has just come up, and by the time I get home it's already setting for the night. Add on the fact that I have a teether at home and a preschooler who's potty-training, and you end up with one very tired teacher! I decided to have some fun with a post today and give you a silly top ten

1. You've stopped walking the kids all the way to lunch and/or resource because you just can't take those extra few steps. Watch them until they get to the door, and then rush back to class to get a few extra minutes to sit and do nothing. Or check Facebook. Or blogs.

2. Homework? Don't care. In my last year as a regular classroom teacher, I didn't even grade homework for completion. I was pregnant, and I literally didn't have time for anything I deemed worthless. I still assigned it, and they still turned it in, but it went directly into the trash can and all students got 100s. I'm sure some kids picked up on it and stopped doing it, but I really just didn't care.

3. Your sarcasm is starting to cross the line. There are many reasons that I teach upper elementary kids, and one of them is because I tend to be a little sarcastic. But when I start making kids cry (not quite yet), then maybe it's time for a little break.

4. Instead of writing lesson plans, you would rather spend $50 on TPT for something that's already done for you. Guilty! I bought Jivey's Better Than Basal last year because I knew it was going to be too much work to come up with new ideas, especially while I was pregnant. This year, I have it even better. I have a whole system the school bought for me, complete with a teacher's guide!

5. Your clothes are all wrinkled, and who knows when you last washed your hair. Okay, not so much the second part (especially because we have LICE going around our school, so my head constantly itches) although I do keep it up in a ponytail all the time, which is way less work. I have been bad about giving my boys baths every night, though.

6. Wardrobe malfunctions in general. Last year, I wore a skirt backwards and didn't even realize until halfway through the day. I've had friends who've worn two different shoes and even know someone who forgot to put on their bra and had to have her husband bring it to school!

7. Dinner is mostly leftovers or fast food. If it weren't for my amazing husband who does all of the cooking, I would totally be eating Chick-fil-a, hot dogs, sandwiches, or cereal. All. The. Time.

8. You seem to be losing everything. Papers, keys, your car...I swear I would lose my head if it wasn't attached. I'm the worst about setting down papers or a book that I'm about to use and then completely forgetting where I put it.

9. You begin to almost hope your child is sick so you can take a day off. If it were winter, I would be praying for a snow day. I don't actually want my kid to be sick because that wouldn't be relaxing either, but a simple doctor's appointment in the middle of the day wouldn't be too terrible...

10. You roll in the TV for a movie day to "grade papers". Or just enjoy an hour of quiet. No judging here...

What's the craziest thing you (or a coworker) have ever done from exhaustion?

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