Using Hidden Pictures in School

How many of you worked on these during your childhood? Or even as an adult?

I know many of you are out of school for the Thanksgiving holiday, but I wanted to share a quick post for something fun yet educational for our students.  At this time of year, and many times before a holiday, we are looking for something our students will enjoy and still be fun. As a reading specialist, I am constantly looking for activities like these for those two day weeks, like this one. 

My students mix up letters quite a bit and really have to think about the letters they are seeing in the words they read.  Their visual discrimination skills are lacking, so I need to find ways to help them with those.  On short weeks like these, I pull out my handy dandy little Hidden Pictures from Highlights Magazine.

My students are thrilled to see these and love working on them. But how do they help with literacy skills?


Hidden Pictures help students see things they don’t normally see. Students have to look closely to decipher where the items are hidden.  The same is true for words. When students read, they have to look closely at the letters and where they are located to decode a word. This visual discrimination activity will help students build skills in both reading and math as they look for items in the pictures.

So, break them out and have some fun!  Students love that time to work through puzzles and other brain teasers, and the benefits make it helpful for everyone!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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