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My students have absolutely loved the study of animal adaptations that we have been doing and boy have they learned a lot.

One of our most favorite activity had to have been the blubber bag. We put some Vaseline in a bag and then put another bag inside the vaseline bag. We put a thermometer inside the bag that was inside the vaseline bag and read the temperature after it was submerged in ice cold water. We also put a thermometer inside a plain bag and submerged that in ice cold water and then compared the two. It really worked! The bag that represented the blubber measured in at about 20 degrees warmer than the plain bag! Whoa!

Here is a picture of our blubber bag for you to check out!

I got this idea from a fellow VA blogger, but I did modify it just a tad bit. You can find her post on it here. Head on over to Third Grade Thinkers because she has a lot of great ideas to teach animal adaptations!

My students have also been having an amazing time creating animal habitats you can check out those below:

This snake project is so cool. The black rat squeaks every time you walk past it!

The blue bottle above the poster is actually a jellyfish she put inside the bottle! Cool!

What great ideas do you have for teaching animal adaptations?

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