C is for Christmas Cards

Hope you are reading this from the comfort of your quiet home, cup of coffee in hand,  no papers to grade, and you slept til 10:00...

Yeah, me either!  Even though I'm on break, it's been a busy one so far!

I've stopped by today to share with you a quick and simple way to incorporate a little recycling into the holiday season and to answer the age old question..."What am I gonna do with all these Christmas cards?"

Every year, my mailbox is bombarded with Christmas and holiday cards from friends, neighbors, and loved ones close and far away.  While it is such a blessing to receive notes and catch up with friends, after the holidays, I always wondered what to do with the cards!  I hate to throw them away.

I began saving the front of the cards by cutting them apart on the fold.  In my file cabinet of seasonal goodies, I stash all the old Christmas card fronts in a large storage bag and save for my students to create a few Christmas/holiday cards of their own.

The kiddos love creating and designing their own cards.  They pick out the fronts they like, glue them to a folded piece of construction paper, and write a sweet message on the inside.  Easy-peasy!  And, the best part, they have a personal gift to give to friends, family, and even teachers.  I wish I had taken a few pictures of my students who made their cards, but pics of my own kiddos will have to suffice :)

Not sure why they are hiding their faces (sorry about the flash!)... and the 2 year old wanted to make her card like big sister!

So, start hoarding and stash them away (in a place you'll remember!!) and pull out for next year.

Have a wonderful break!  Happy Holidays!

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