C is for Chesapeake Experience

I grew up in North East Pennsylvania, kayaking, boating, and swimming along the banks of the Lackawaxen and Delaware Rivers. I have many fond memories as a kid in my own backyard exploring and learning about nature. Needless to say, I couldn't pass up an opportunity for my students to experience their own backyard in this manner.

My school division is nestled in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay, which means we have numerous opportunities for hands on outdoor enrichment! There isn't any thing that gets our kids more excited than actually getting down and dirty in their own backyard.

Chesapeake Experience is a Field trip program designed around the SOLs to foster real life hands on experiences for our kids. Over the last few years, the Ecology club and our fifth graders have been able to partake in his experience.

I worked with Jill from Chesapeake experience who tailored a trip for our kids. Our grade level was split up over a few days. Two classes going each day. Each day was broken up into 2 sessions: Land and water. The water session included the kids actually getting into and paddling their own kayak. At first, I was so nervous with such a large group of students in kayaks and on the water. They took to the water like ducks. It was amazing! While paddling up the river students observed wildlife such as Osprey, a Grey Heron and some Ducks.

During the land session students were actively crabbing. They tied RAW chicken wings (yuck) to a string and pulled blue crabs up and caught them with a net. Each crab was measured and students recorded whether each crab was male or female and each length. We did catch and release, so neither crabs nor children were injured during either session.

It was certainly an experience that my students and I, we thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

You can find more info here at Chesapeake Experience

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