4 Things All Teachers Need in Their Desk Drawer

There are many things you need when first starting out as a teacher.  While we know some things are obviously more important than others, there are a few things you will need to have at some point {either tomorrow or 5 years from now} that you will want to know where they are and not freak out.

These things, whether kept in a binder or desk drawer, will save you from many sleepless nights.  And no, it is not anything kept in a flask or safe box!

Many teachers use observations as evidence of their abilities for professional portfolios or other job related evaluations.  It's always a good idea to keep a folder of all your observations in one place should you ever need a copy of them.  I have every observation I've had (formal and informal) in a folder labeled "Observations" in my desk drawer.

I have a hanging file for just observations, and then a folder by year. 

Ugh... yes, that word.  It's like the distant cousin you see at the family reunion that you try to avoid... Thankfully, it's only every 5 years, but you better have your ducks in a row when your time comes!  I've gone through recertification twice, and having all my points, transcripts, and other inservice papers together has made the process not as painful.  Anytime I attend an inservice, I get my certificate and in it goes in my little file.  I dust it off come time to recertify and I have my documentation ready to go!  I also keep a copy of my teaching license in this file as well.

All recertification documentation, including a copy of teaching license, in one place.
Data, data, data
This is one that has been the most recently added in my 12 year career.  When our district changed gears years ago, we learned the importance of reading levels, keeping track of student growth, and interpreting scores. So, I added a drawer for all of my 2nd grade important data:  PALs scores for Fall, Midyear, and Spring, DSA scores for Fall, Midyear, and Spring, and MAP test scores for Fall, Midyear, and Spring. Since I have to use these as my evidence for my professional goals, I keep a separate file and have them ready to look at anytime I need.  I also keep the previous year's class records...just in case.  {I have an electronic copy of the DSA class record available as a freebie!}
Data handy to pull anytime, anywhere!
The last thing you need in your desk drawer is a no. brainer.

Those of you who have newer or first year teachers working with you, please share this with them.  It will really help to make their lives much easier, especially with recertification!

By the way, this is what my drawer looks like ;)

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