Virginia Air and Space Center Outreach: Hands on Math STEM Activity

Nothing goes hand in hand more closely to Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics, quite like the Virginia Air and Space Center.   At one of my most recent professional developments, Virginia Air and Space provided us with a few resources for VA Teachers.  First off, one thing that they expressed was that many of us already do many STEM activities without even realizing that’s what we are doing.  

 VA Air and Space center demonstrated various components of their STEMtastic outreach program.  One specific activity, I was able to get my hands on was one of the math boxes they had.  It was specific to area and perimeter. The box contained: Graph paper, play dough, calculator, protractor, a ruler, dry erase markers and plastic knives.

The idea was have the kids create a shape with given areas and perimeters or have them create their own.  I liked that this would be a great and easy center idea once introduced to the whole class, it would be perfect to keep as a center idea for those that need hands on experience and manipulaitives for area and perimeter.

The Virginia Air and Space Center offers many types and combinations of outreach programs and education activities.  Each activity is tied directly to the Virginia Standards, which make sit super easy to select something for your students. They even offer numerous programs for home-schoolers as well. So, if you are in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, You won’t want to miss out on this great opportunity.  Heck, they might be willing to work something out with you even if you aren’t near by.

Remember, The Sky is the Limit!

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