5 Fun Ways to Learn About George Washington

SOL. K.1 and 1.2

With President’s Day close at hand, we want to give you some resources to dominate those SOL objectives on famous people that we all love so much.  We have compiled a list of 5 fun George Washington activities that target a variety of learners and make the material more relatable:

1) Read about George Washington.  You can choose one of the books Pam used or a number of others. 

Check out this link for more suggestions.

2) Write about George Washington.  Below are some examples of Pam's students' writing about George Washington.  They wrote a class big book on Washington and also did a reading response on the Magic Tree House book!

Washington Big Book

Magic Treehouse Writings

3) Create George Washington with this 3D craft!

Start with a paper plate and fold it as shown above.  Then turn it over for the base of the horse.

Punch a hole on one end, where you want the tail to go.  Pull a bundle of yarn through the hole and tape in place underneath the horse.

Students also need to make a white head for their horses.  Pam did not use a template so that her students could be creative!

Have students cut an oval out of manila paper and draw a face on it.  From here, students cut out a blue hat, glue it on Washington's face, and add cotton balls for his wig.  

*Educational note, you can pull in the historical fact that most wealthy people wore wigs during this time.

Have students glue the faces onto a tongue depressor or popsicle stick.  Next, they need to cut a red rectangle and drape it around the stick like a cape.  Have them glue the cape in place.  Cut a hole on top of the horse where the stick will go and you're all done!

4) Have students relate to the concept of a president.  Pam used our Quality Students song, which is a free download in our store, to help the students relate to the job of president.  They wrote about what they think makes a quality president.  You can read more about that on our blog.

5) Students can sing about George Washington.  We have a few songs that are perfect for President's Day in our store.  Check them out!


Also, we've included this really fun video about Lincoln and Washington:

So there you have it!  Everything you need to make it a great President's Day.  Y'all have a great week.

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