Make Learning POP with Popplet

Popplet is a way to quickly create interactive and multimedia concept webs or graphic organizers for mapping out information on any topic. Popplets can easily be shared with others for collaboration. Popplet offers a free version of the software! The only drawback is the amount of Popplets you can create in your account is limited with the free version. But that’s okay! There are ways to export the Popplets you have created in order to save or print them- then they can be deleted from your account leaving room to create other new ones. Popplet is also an app that can be downloaded for an iPad with a free, lite version as well.
Mind maps, concept webs, and graphic organizers are learning tools, but they are also evaluation tools that can be used to assess student learning and understanding. It’s almost like getting a more direct glimpse into a student’s thinking process. They can be applied across the curriculum to enhance learning and understanding of specific content. Mapping out their thinking helps students reach higher levels of cognitive performance as well as making cross curricular connections.
There are so many ways Popplet can be used in the classroom. Below are some ideas as well as examples of each. Perhaps a few of these could help you visualize how you can apply this to YOUR classroom!

Knowledge Webs- visuals for content vocabulary

Story Webs

Thinking Webs

Brainstorming for writing process with Mind Maps
KWL Chart
Venn Diagram
Cause & Effect
Sequencing Events
Beginning, Middle, End

All About Me Board
Use Popplet at the beginning of the school year for students to create an about me board. Each student can customize his/her board and share it with the class and even print!
Classroom Rules and Procedures
What a fabulous way to brainstorm with your class and create classroom procedures. Since you can upload pictures to your popplet, you can use an iPad to take pictures of your classroom. Then upload them to your popplet app from the camera roll. This makes a great visual model for the class.
Web Quests
Popplet allows users to upload videos and web links. What a perfect tool to create a web quest for your students! Add videos, links, pictures, and typed information and allow students the freedom to explore on their own.
Timelines are so much more valuable when they can be visually represented. Add pictures, videos, and extra information about each event so students can really engage in the timeline.

When you have your own Popplet account, you can also browse through Popplets others have created by choosing Public Popplets at the top of the screen. This could be a valuable tool to use with your students for examples of what to (or what not to) do!

You are probably wondering how to actually begin creating a Popplet. It is very easy! Go to the Popplet website ( In the top right, choose either >try it out or log in.

I would highly recommend first clicking on “try it out” because it walks you through exactly how to use Popplet. Simply double click anywhere on the board space and begin typing. Use the guide below to see the functionality of each Popple.

One word- collaboration!
Popplets can be created by one user, then shared with others to collaborate! This is a fabulous way for students to work together on a project. A teacher could also throw a Popplet together on the board and have students all log in to share their ideas about an activator question, exit ticket, etc. The people you are sharing your Popplet with do not even need a Popplet account already created. It will send them an email with a temporary password so they can collaborate on your Popplet. Viola!
Because the free account gives you limited Popplet storage space, when your storage gets full, simply save your Popplets to your computer (or print them out) and then delete them from your Popplet homepage. Be sure to only do this once you are completely finished working on a Popplet because once it is deleted, it cannot be restored for additional editing. Click on the Settings Gear, then follow the steps below.

Do you have another idea of how you could incorporate Popplet into your unique classroom? Share your thoughts by commenting below! We would love to hear your experiences. Hope you have enjoyed this resource!


  1. What an informative post! I dabbled with Popplet for writing, but you shared so many other options. Love it!

  2. You are a rock star! Well done. Great ideas!