Need a Mother's Day Gift Idea?

Hi!  I'm glad to be back to share a great gift idea for Mother's Day.  Yes, I realize it's only the end of March, but if you're like me, the beginning of May will be here in the blink of an eye!  Have no fear....look at this super cute idea my kindergarten team came up with a few years ago. It is pretty inexpensive and the kids had fun with it.
This post shows how to make a cute Mother's Day gift idea.
We have also been lucky the last few years. One teacher on the team has had a spring student teacher so we take advantage of that extra time and have the teacher work on the painting part for all the kids. Then she strings the beads and ties them up.
A great way to celebrate moms or the ladies in these children's lives!
In order to create the necklaces, you will need these washers - enough for every student to have one, acrylic paint - we use 2 colors for each washer, string to match your paint and pony beads that will match too.

First, write each child's first name and the year on the back of the washer. Then, have each child use two colors and paint a washer. After they dry (usually overnight), they are ready to string and add beads.

The other part to this project involves taking pictures and framing them.
This post shows how to make a cute Mother's Day gift idea.
I made the blue banner that says "I love you because..." using bulletin board paper. We hang it in the hallway and call kids out a few at a time. We use poster board cut in half and laminated to then write why they love their mom (or moms or special lady in their life) with a dry erase marker. Then we just erase and use again for the next child. We use an iPad for the pictures and then print them in color on white card stock. Before mounting, we laminate them and write Mother's Day (year) on the back. The frame is just 4 jumbo craft sticks hot glued together.

The past few years the parents have really enjoyed this gift and like I said, the kids have fun making them. I also said, you need to plan ahead and make sure you have the supplies needed for the project.

Thanks for stopping by! See you again in May!