VDOE Proposed Math Standards- 3rd Grade

Apparently the math standards for Virginia are up for revision. You may want to take a look:
Standards of Learning
Curriculum Framework

Here are the proposed changes to 3rd Grade:
-addition and subtraction fact families (moved to 2nd grade)
+naming, writing and representing improper fractions
-recalling multiplication facts (moved to 4th grade)
+learning multiplication facts though 10's only
-weight and mass (moved to 4th grade)
+defining, naming, combining and subdividing polygons (moved from 4th grade)
-identifying, describing, comparing and contrasting plane and solid shapes (moved to 4th grade)
-line plots (moved to 5th grade)

I personally love the changes they are proposing, it seems like the curriculum is becoming more developmentally appropriate.

Public comment will be open until April 25th. You can email your comments to mathematics@doe.virginia.gov. 2017-2018 will be a Crosswalk year, teaching old and new standards. 2018-2019 would be the first year of full implementation of the new standards.

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