Place Value Review Game

It's that time of year again, we are all scrambling to fit in the rest of our pacing and have some time to to review for standardized testing. Over the last 7 years as a special education teacher in Virginia, I have noticed a trend showing an overall weakness with place value for a hand full of my students.  It's one of the skills we all teach at the beginning of every year, and of course many students get that "deer in the headlights"look-you know what I'm talking about. They swear up and down that, Mrs. XYZ never taught them that!

But seriously, it might be a skill that some of us don't always spiral back on because we know that Mrs. XYZ taught them last year, too

So anyway, I found this file folder game at File Folder Fun, It is a two player game that would be great to adapt to use in small groups.  Basically, you decide first to make either the biggest number or smallest number. Then students pick  number tiles to create the biggest/smallest number using the tiles they selected.  So if you were only using the hundreds place students would only select 3 tiles to manipulate.  It really gets them thinking about the placement and the value of the numbers.

The bus is labeled  from the ones through 1 Million, which makes this a versatile game that can be used with grades 3 through 5 and even younger if you want.  I do like the fact that is does grow with my kids, since, I often loop from third to fifth grade every few years.

But many of my student have loved when I pull this game out.  It just takes a little elbow grease to print, copy and laminate but once it's together, you will love using this every year! It's great for your sub tub.   What is your favorite place value review game?

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