Proposed Math Changes for 5th Grade

Hopefully by now many of you have heard that the VDOE is in the process of changing/updating the 2009 Math Standards of Learning.  Earlier this month and last, we had a few posts about the 2nd grade and 3rd grade changes.

All review information, documents, and timeline information is on the VDOE site.  You can find the proposed SOLs here and the Proposed Curriculum Framework here.

Here are a few highlights about the 5th grade standards and the biggest changes I saw:

  • added represent fraction/decimal equivalencies with and without models 
  • focus on converting improper and proper fractions/mixed numbers
  • division of decimals could include more than one-digit divisors
  • added multiplying a whole number by a fraction-NEW NEW NEW
  • measurement (metric/customary) has moved to 5.9 and 5.8 is just area, perimeter, and volume
  • the new 5.9 standard just describes metric measurement and solving problems using metric only and customary is the focus in 4.8
  • added solving word problems using elapsed time (not just determining elapsed time)
  • added determining unknown interior angles in triangle/sum of interior angles (NEW NEW NEW)
  • classifying quadrilaterals has moved to 4th
  • we still do transformations (translation, reflection, rotation), but now we are introducing it because it has been taken away from 4th
  • added line plots to graphing unit (taken out of 3rd grade)
  • focus on range as a measure of spread
  • added Fundamental Counting Principle (NEW, NEW, NEW-moved from 7th grade)
  • patterns now includes objects, pictures, and tables
  • ALL properties in elementary school have been moved to 5th grade.  3rd will no longer do commutative and identity and 4th will no longer do associative.  We still do distributive too.  AHHH! So many properties to introduce for the first time!

Seems like a lot, right?  Mostly things have been added and very little taken away.

Just as a reminder:
  • the VDOE is taking public comments until April 27th (Email: with your comments)
  • the proposed changes will be reviewed and adopted by September
  • 2017-18 will be a "crosswalk" year (you basically teach both the old and new standards to prevent gaps)
  • Full implementation will take place in 2018-19

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