Proposed Math Changes for 6th Grade

Check out the Proposed Math Changes for Virginia's 6th grade standards!
Hey all!  It's Alicia with proposed changes to Virginia's sixth grade standards.  Many teachers across the state (including myself) teach a compacted math curriculum of 5th and 6th grade standards to 5th graders, so it's important for us to review the expectations for 6th grade as elementary teachers.

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So what's in store for Math 6?  The biggest change I see is that we have 15 standards to cover instead of 20.  Awesome!  Here are a few highlights of the additions and removals:
  • adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers was added
  • modeling integers was added
  • ballpark comparisons between metric and customary was removed
  • volume and surface area of rectangular prisms was removed
  • properties of quadrilaterals was removed
  • independent and dependent probability was removed
  • geometric and arithmetic sequences was removed
  • proportional relationships and graphing proportions were added 
  • addition and multiplication properties are no longer a separate standard, but should be taught in conjunction with order of operations, according to the proposed curriculum framework
Anything in red is something that I saw as a significant change!

Number & Number Sense

6.1 - Ratios 

6.2 - Fraction, Decimal, Percent Equivalencies - removes ratios

6.3 - Identify integers and absolute value

6.4 - Recognize and represent exponents and perfect squares up to 20

Computation & Estimation

6.5 - Multiply and divide fractions; solve multi-step problems with adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions and decimals - divisors are limited to a three digit number, with decimal divisors limited to tenths and hundredths

6.6 - Add, subtract, multiply and divide integers (NEW!)

6.7 - Simplify problems using integers (new) and order of operations This includes properties in the curriculum framework! Order of operations may include brackets (grouping symbols) or absolute value.

Measurement and Geometry
*Removed: Ballpark comparisons between Metric and Customary; Volume & Surface Area of Rectangular Prisms; Properties of Quadrilaterals

6.8 - Pi, circumference, and area of a circle

6.9 - Coordinate planes and ordered pairs 

6.10 - Congruence in segments, angles, and polygons (geometric markings, etc.)

Probability and Statistics
*Removed: Independent and Dependent Probability

6.11 - Represent data in circle graphs

6.12 - Mean as a balance point, use appropriate measures of center, determine what happens when a single value is added to measure of center (moved from 5th grade)

Patterns, Functions and Algebra
*Removed: Geometric and Arithmetic Sequences

6.13 - Proportional relationships, graphing proportions NEW! - Write an equation in the form y = kx representing a proportional relationship between quantities. The constant of proportionality, k, will be limited to positive integers.

6.14 - One step linear equations

6.15 - Represent Linear inequalities on a number line, NEW - solve one step linear equalities and graph solution on a number line

Overall, I'm excited about these changes!  There seems to be more deletions than additions.  While I admittedly enjoyed teaching content like independent probability and surface area,  the proposed changes seem like they are more accessible for the typical sixth grader.

Just a few reminders...
  • the Curriculum Framework is the BEST place to look at changes.  Remember, what is expected to be taught and covered is listed there
  • the VDOE is taking public comments until April 27th (check with your lead teacher specialists in your county - they may want to submit them all together)
  • the proposed changes will be reviewed and adopted by September
  • 2017-18 will be a "crosswalk" year, where grade levels will need to cover gaps and new standards will be integrated into the old standards
  • full implementation will take place in 2018-19 (new standards are taught and assessed)
All review information, documents, and timeline information is on the VDOE site.  You can find the proposed SOLs here and the Proposed Curriculum Framework here.

Any questions, comments, or concerns?  Send off an email at  If you have concerns or praises, let them know!

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