Universal Bump Board for SOL Review

It's that time of year again! SOL's are right around the corner! Are you looking for a way to maximize review time in a fun and engaging way? If you answered yes, 
then let me introduce you to my Universal Bump Board!

Most of you I am sure have heard of Bump and have probably seen some cute boards made out there. However, I didn't like having to buy and prep different boards all the time. So...I created my own version, one that could be used for any concept and at anytime of the year, but especially during SOL test prep time.

Click Here for a Copy!
Click Here for a Copy!

 I like to use Bump for station work and with collaborative groups!

Now my caveat to other bump boards out there, is that mine relies on a 20 sided die. If you are a teacher like me who loves to own your own math manipulatives, 
well then you probably have some lying around.

Lastly, I have to tell you all about a great 
new product that I found out about this year! 

It is a sturdy pocket folder with a clear envelope attached by Avery. I use it to store and organize my materials for station work. 

I love that it can hold manipulatives and that it easily stores inside a legal size file drawer! They are awesome!

If you have any creative universal game boards you would like to share, 
I would love to hear about them!

Happy Learning!

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