What's coming for math in 2nd grade?

Hello all!  It's Haley from Owls and Lessons, Etc. and I'm going to share with you the upcoming proposed changes to the 2nd grade math Standards of Learning.

Find out the proposed changes to the Virginia SOLs for 2nd Grade math.  The changes won't be implemented until 2018.

Earlier, Jessica from The Teaching Oasis broke down the upcoming changes to the 3rd grade math standards for 2018-2019.  I am taking a look at the 2nd grade standards, and oh boy, can I say I am excited about the changes!  The standards look more in line to what is appropriate for 2nd graders.. and we are going deeper, not wider! (17 standards?? heck yeah!!)

Here's a link to the curriculum framework for all K-12 changes:  Click here!

Number and Number Sense:
2.1- adding 10 more, 10 less, 100 more, and 100 less (which many of us already do!), they've added back ordering numbers (why that disappeared in 2009, not sure, but it's baaaack!)

2.2- instead of stopping at 100 when skip counting forward and backward, we are going to keep trucking to 120 (this is more in line with the CCSS) but I think it makes perfect sense... many kids have a hard time understanding what comes after 100.  (First grade's new standard stops at 110)

2.3- ordinal numbers- no real changes, just wording. They will "count" and identify ordinals through twentieth.

2.4- fractions were tweaked a bit... they've added length models to the representations, and looks like we stop at eighths in all parts (comparing and representing)

Computation and Estimation
Lots in this strand were lumped together, which makes more sense in the overall scheme of things.

2.5- focusing on fact fluency through 20 and fact families

2.6- lumped together estimating sums and differences through 99, and added the one and two step word problems.  They have "through 99" crossed out in the standard, but it's still listed in the framework, so I'm assuming two digit is still the minimum.  There is also a great chart of the different types of word problems students will need to be familiar with (part, part, whole, joining, and separating).

Measurement and Geometry(!)
2.7- still counting a collection of coins to $2.00, pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters

2.8- MY FAVORITE, FAVORITE changes- measuring to the nearest INCH.  Just INCHES!  Centimeters were moved to 3rd grade.  (Can I say how much better it is to start measuring learning one way!!) Measuring in pounds (no metric!) ounces, grams, and kilograms were moved to 4th grade.  Capacity was moved to 3rd grade, too.

I'm still doing my happy dance!!

2.9- Time to the nearest 5 minutes....no changes.

2.10- Calendar- no changes.

2.11- Temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius to the nearest 10 degrees

2.12- Lines of symmetry- no changes

2.13- comparing plane and solid figures- no changes

Probability and Statistics
2.14- Graphing- the wording just includes bar and picture graphs, still will be collecting data, organizing, and representing data in charts and graphs.

2.15- Probability- they've underlined less likely in the EKS, but no other major changes

Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
2.16- Patterns- added a few verbs (describe, transfer) patterns in objects, pictures, and numbers

2.17- Equal and Not Equal- verbage has been updated, and I noticed they are using expressions instead of equations.

If you couldn't tell, I am very excited (and encouraged) by these updates.  I feel these are more obtainable for 2nd graders and will be met positively by teachers.

Any questions, comments, or concerns?  Send off an email at mathematics@doe.virginia.gov.  If you have concerns or praises, let them know!

Happy Curriculum-ing!

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