End of the Year Activities

Well we made it!   The end of the year is nigh and I know you can probably feel the warmth of the sun on your face as you open those doors and walk through them for the last time this year.  Now, before you get all wrapped up in those last day happy hour plans, you want to keep up the fun and learning until those kiddos leave your care.  Now I can already hear you saying But I don't want to...  Testing may be over and it's super tempting to find a bunch of videos to watch. Here are some great alternatives! 

This is our shameful plug.  It's very cute, fun, educational, and engaging.  That's four adjectives, holy cow! Drop the mic, I'm done.  Kidding, but seriously, this is great.  And for you, fine and awesome teachers,  we are offering it for 20% off during our FLASH SALE on Saturday!

Click the image below to purchase:
Here are some more fun activities to try to keep your kiddos engaged.

This idea is super cute and provides a lot of fun for your students.  It's #22 on the list.  Here's a fun twist, have students take turns standing under the balloon as you pop it to catch the surprise for the day.  If you're still in test mode, fill the balloons with quiz questions.  Students can answer for a prize or special reward.  Also, to add a little fun to a warm day, you can hang the countdown outside and fill a couple balloons with a small(and I mean very small) splash of water.  Have students bring a change of clothes just in case they're uncomfortable getting wet.

The link takes you to the printable.  It's a boy with a missing tooth holding a piece of paper in the middle of the top row.  OR, you can do as we teachers do and have kiddos make and decorate their own!  Remind students that being a "quality student" as we like to say, or a good citizen is not something that stops when school does.  You can even offer it up as a challenge and give a prize to the first 3 students who write about it and show you the following school year.  

Here are some fun Minute-To-Win-It challenges for your last day celebration.  Encourage critical thinking and teamwork up until the very last minute(haha, no pun intended).

Fun and sweet activity.  If you want to add an educational component, include pieces of paper with challenges or questions that students have to complete to win the candy.  Young ones may do better playing in groups.  Also, you can opt to not use gloves and just have students unwrap.

We hope that y'all enjoy your much deserved break!

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